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If you've ever looked for a flat to live in, you know how stressful, agonising and god damn expensive it is. There's fees, packing shit up, location scouting and that's all before you've moved in.

Adam (My boyfriend) and I decided two years ago that we would move back to London after we'd finished university. When we met we both lived in London and soon after getting it together, Adam moved back to Geordie Land, Newcastle to do his Masters and I moved back home to Worcestershire and decided to commute to London instead. If I wasn't going to live with Adam, I was't going to flat share with anyone else!

So, here we are. Two years later and I have a week until I start my new job (Never been so excited about work) and Adam still hasn't finished university. So i'm in a hotel for the first few weeks of my new job, which, granted isn't ideal, but it was my compromise and that compromise has taken the pressure off both of us, big time.

I'd looked at a few flats and areas alone and with Adam finishing later than I was and being quite literally the other end of the country, I decided to put a pin in the flat search. We're going to move together, live together; therefore we have to view the flats together and that just wasn't possible and I'll be honest. It was getting stressful, we weren't communicating properly and it left us both, tired, stressed and very un-excited about our future home.

So as I've had a little break before starting the new job and finishing university I've been using that time to check out South East London. We have friends who live in Streatham (Holla friends!) so that's all we really knew and as we aren't made of money (Hello, graduate life!) We knew we'd have to look zone three and beyond and look in commuter areas of london, that up until this point we'd never even heard of.

We very quickly decided on South East London as admittedly, we love the vintage hipster life and the south east has great connections to all the cool and quirky areas, we also were more likely to have jobs in east London, so that was pretty much our starting point. So South East London whittled it down to around 20 areas, the next stepping stone came when I decided that we needed to have close connections to an overground line for me and a main southern line for Adam to get straight into the city.

Which narrowed it down again. Then I rather hilariously got on the wrong overground train to Crystal Palace (Can I get an Amen for taking that stretch of train line!?) so was about 45 minutes late for the estate agent I was meeting in Crystal Palace (Really sorry laura.) and after waiting forever for the next train ;We crossed crystal palace off the list.

So we're at the point now where I'm location scouting whilst Adam is finishing up and I'm making a short list of around three key areas so that we can be definitive and be tactical when looking for a place. It's made it less stressful, having a plan is definitely key, especially if you and your partner aren't looking together because of distance.

There's probably going to be a lot of lifestyle and home contact cropping up on the blog over the next couple of months and I'll be sure to create content that's helpful and informative so you guys don't have to make some of the mistakes we have when looking for a flat.

As ever, I'd love to hear your advice - do you have any tips for me and Adam - please do let us know in the box below!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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