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As ever, getting my final marks for my university degree was dramatic and unusual, like the rest of my life. I had walked from Euston to Brixton (Yes, you read that correctly, yes I am mental, yes I have sore feet and they smell.) It was the hottest day of the year and unbeknown to me at the time I'd burnt the top of my head because I'd put suncream everywhere but my head. I digress.

My friend Maria (Hey Gurl!) phoned me excitedly telling me that the marks were up just as I was figuring out which way to go towards Streatham Hill. The smarty pants had obviously got a first and I am super proud for my buddy. I got off the phone with pure panic. It's one thing to panic about marks and It's quite another to panic about your mark and know that it's sat there waiting for you.

So, with haste I googled the nearest McDonalds to find some wifi, the university portal doesn't work on phones, but luckily I'd had the foresight to bring my laptop with me for my day of wandering and meandering. Imagine my disappointment when my mac failed to connect during the mcdonalds lunch time rush. McDonalds had failed me.With a slam of the laptop lid, I marched over the road to the H&M on Brixton High Street, grabbed a dress off a rail to make it look like I was off to try it on and proceeded to the changing rooms. Once there I connected to their customer Wifi and sat waiting for my mark to appear on my screen.

The suspense.

It wasn't the most euphoric moment, after all, I was in a store changing room, and I had a little confusion with seeing the correct unit and mark I was looking for on the page (Thanks Dyslexia) but after a little moment I realised, there it was. I'd got myself a 1st. I did it. I did a celebratory yes dance in the cubicle before getting myself together, returning the dress and swiftly exciting the store with a strong spring in my step.

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I'd done it, and not by the skin of my teeth either. My mark combined second and third year marks and I'm graduating with a first due to my marks; Second Year: B, A, A*  & Third Year: A,A, A* I was so concerned about my final submission, I'd gone in a different direction, tried out some new skills and really had fun producing it and it paid off.

I called Maria back, danced on Brixton High Street, called Adam and my Dad and was so excited I walked the wrong way to Streatham Hill. Classic.

So now that I've had some time to reflect,I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a few people, who I did thank in my Thank You's in my final prints, but some people won't have had a chance to see: each of these people played a part in my projects, career and as part of my support system and for that, I will be forever grateful:

Dad, Adam, Paula, Tracey, Amanda,

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On a closing note:

When I was 15 I left school due to horrific bullying: My headmistress, Mrs Ballard wasn't sympathetic and told me that I'd amount to nothing. I left school a year early, with no GCSEs and according to her, no prospects.

Mrs Ballard was wrong about me and as for prospects; I've worked hard to create my own opportunities and have taken them, gained experience that got me onto my degree course, then worked hard to secure my grades all whilst having a job. I am a self sufficient independent woman at 21 and am very proud that I've never let anything since school bring me down or stop me working towards my own goals.

So yeah! Very pleased and proud. Graduation is next month so I'll be sure to share some family snaps of the event on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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