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This Weekend: Week 30

This weekend was all about Musical Theatre, that's one of the major perks of living in London, the fantastic options of theatre, comedy and music. It was Adam's birthday weekend, so we had cake, went to see a musical and spent some time in Soho!

Shaftesbury Ave, London, UK

Life: Adam's Graduation

Hello Im Clo, Lifestyle Blogger, Graduation 9

Adam’s graduation was amazing. He was graduating with the equivalent of a first (Masters marking is slightly different from BA) from Newcastle University in Architecture. For the past two years he’s been working towards this day. Education is the things that made us have to be long distance and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a sense of relief yesterday that it was all over, that chapter of our lives had closed and we were off on the next adventure.

Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK

Food: Pizza Union Kings Cross

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger, Pizza Union 1

Pizza Union is becoming a bit of a London institution. I’ve heard loads of people talk about it, I’ve heard rave reviews of pizza goodness and seen a far few pizzas consumed on my way out of the Studio in Aldgate.

So when Adam and I finished work on Thursday and headed to Kings Cross to hop on the train to Newcastle we thought we’d pop into Pizza Union, Kings Cross for a bite before the ride. 

246-250 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9JY, UK

This Weekend: Week 29

This weekend was a busy one! Lots of great food, drinks and family time up north. Both Adam and I had taken Friday off work to head up to Newcastle on Thursday night in preparation for his graduation on the Friday.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Culture: Exploring London's South Bank

London Lifestyle Blogger, Southbank 1

Saturday was so much fun, my dad came to stay for the weekend. It's the first time he's come to stay since we officially moved in and this time we actually had a bed for him to sleep in (read more about our move in shinanigans here)

Adam and I had jotted down a few ideas of things to do over the weekend, most of them around SouthBank. So we planned to show dad the sights, stretch our legs and infuse a bit of culture into the weekend...

We started off at London Bridge station, hopping over the borough market. Which honestly, is another post in itself. It's so busy, bustling with people, food pulled high and more options than your belly knows what to do with. We wanders through, tried lots of samples and gazed at the serious array of bread they have on offer. Got to love the bread.

South Bank, London SE1, UK

Culture: London's Borough Market

London Lifestyle Blogger, Borough Market 10

Borough Market, a place full of flavour, character and London charm. When I asked my Dad what he fancied doing whilst he was staying with Adam and I for the weekend, his first suggestion was borough market, with Adam and I being massive foodies, we were sold, so when the weekend arrived, off we went to Borough Market.

Borough Market, Borough High St, London SE1 9AH, UK

Culture: Visiting Chelsea

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger, Chelsea  7

Last weekend was a busy but productive one, not getting everything we needed for the flat on Saturday, Adam and I headed up to Oxford St on a fine Sunday morning to purchase a telly without the hassle of crowds, people and tourists. We needed a telly so went in, then pretty much straight out after picking, paying and sending the telly to click and collect for later collection by Uber. It was the smoothest shopping I’ve ever done on Oxford Street. Done and dusted.

With the most important thing of the day done, we picked up some pastries from Waitrose and an Americano coffee for me and hopped on the bus towards Chelsea. I’ve spend loads of time in Knightsbridge / Kensington area but not too much time in Chelsea, so we went off to explore...

King's Rd, Chelsea, London, UK

Food: Veggie Breakfast

Hello Im Clo London food blogger, 10

Sometimes it’s just quite nice to eat out, isn’t it?

We felt that way Saturday morning, so we headed out to a quaint little cafe not too far away from home. We just fancied something different, and with the whole day ahead of us, we thought we’d give it a good kick start! 

London, UK

Travel: Berlin Day 3

Hello Im Clo, Travel Blogger, Berlin 08

I really do love my job. There's a real work life balance, which applies to work abroad too. After a long day yesterday, we headed out to find some drinks before having a very well deserved dinner. Our long day turned into a very fun night exploring the city and having some down time, we ended up crashing pretty late; which led me to wake up on Thursday morning needing coffee and a serious lie in. I could get the coffee, but the lie in would have to wait as Berlin waits for no one, this is fashion week.

Berlin, Germany

Travel: Berlin Day 2

Hello Im Clo, Berlin, Travle Blogger Day 2, 1


For our first full day in Berlin, Alice and I started off with food. When I'm away I always try to have something different, something I either couldn't get or couldn't make at home, so I opted for a veggie croissant with scrambled egg, brie and jam, a pleasant surprise, it was yummy. But the coffee was even better, it was a soya vanilla latte with a golden top that smelt like it had some spices and tumeric in, it was spectacular, I loved it. Nothing sets the pace better that a cracking cuppa coffee.  I also had a cookie slash brownie, because, you know, when abroad.

Berlin, Germany

Travel: Berlin Day 1

Hello Im Clo, Travel Blogger, Berlin D1 0 16

A 3am alarm clock is never welcome, regardless of what you're up to or where you're going at that time of the morning. I was off to Berlin on this random Tuesday in July. It's a work trip to Berlin Fashion Week and the Berlin trade shows, which show the SS18 collection that will be released early next year. I love my job and I love to travel, so combine them together and you've got a winner.

Berlin, Germany

Lifestyle: First Week In The New Flat


Another week gone! Time is flying so fast! This week we finally moved into our flat and have been slowly going through all our possessions to make our new house a home. We've still got a long way to go, but the flat is starting to take shape, the king size bed arrived earlier today, further adding to the homey comforts. 

Our ultimate vice, food is all unpacked and the kitchen ship shape, even if the oven doesn't work. Adam and I are getting creative with our hob concoctions beyond pasta and rice and with the million spice jars we moved with, flavour should be evident! I might even get the food mixer out and bake a cake for the week ahead. (Thinks about vegan banana bread oooooooo)
I'm starting to get into the swing of the commute, and mastering the art of being a sardine in a tin can on the tube, but it's also serving as great reading time, just little snippets. I'm currently reading the life changing art of tidying. At first I wasn't getting into it and questioned if the writer actually had some type of ocd disorder, but they I realised I was on p100, it's a specific read but a well times one for unpacking the flat! 

London, UK