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Adam’s graduation was amazing. He was graduating with the equivalent of a first (Masters marking is slightly different from BA) from Newcastle University in Architecture. For the past two years he’s been working towards this day. Education is the things that made us have to be long distance and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a sense of relief yesterday that it was all over, that chapter of our lives had closed and we were off on the next adventure.

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We decamped up to Newcastle straight after work on Thursday night to get to Newcastle ahead of time and get some family time in too. It was so nice to spend time with our family; being so far away, it’s not like we get to see them every weekend and a three hour track across country on a train is no mean feet. 

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With the sun shining and everyone ready to go, we set off to the Newcastle uni campus for the days events! Being a red brick uni, they’re pretty traditional, hosting the ceremony on campus, in their heritage buildings and green lawns, it was far removed from my inner city slap bang graduation!
I felt a huge sense of proudness looking at Adam, all gowned up and ready to collect his degree. I’ve never been so proud, he gave it his all and we really worked as a team to be together, live at other ends of the country and both come out with top degree classification. It was a battle, but I felt we’d won the war as we walked hand in hand across the campus. 

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I love that human with every bone in my body and it took everything I had not to scream, whoop and dance when they read his name out and he went across stage to receive his handshake. Imaging how pissed I was when about three people after Adam , a family went ape shit mental cheering. I wanted Adam back on that stage so I could tell everyone there just how incredibly proud of him I am.

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It’s funny, I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in my graduation, I only went for my dad and Adam, but I was fully on board with Adams. Architecture is not an easy or a cheap subject and he worked bloody hard to achieve his final grade and medal prize at the London exhibition. I’m even more proud that Adam didn’t need to put others down to better himself or his work. He’s always been a personal and professional gentleman to his core, I’ve really got the one. 

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After the super short and snappy, to the point ceremony, we had a few drinks and in my case, a plate of cake as we chatted, met some of Adam’s tutors and colleagues, it was nice to put faces to names and thank them. After that we headed out to meet with Adam’s brother, Martyn and Martyn’s gorgeous girlfriend Danielle for a big family dinner. We spent the rest of the evening celebrating and catching up. The wine was flowing, then the spirits were too. it was a fantastic way to celebrate and round off the day. It was the best. 

Newcastle will always be a home from home, no matter how far away we are and we’ll be back real soon.

Clo :) 

What I was wearing:

Dress originally from M&Co about 5 years ago. It's cotton and in a bright print in a super versatile length, I get it out for dress requiring occasions! 

My shoes are second hand from a charity shop (Acorns Children's Hospice) They were hardly worn when I bought them, but I've made sure they get plenty of wear!  Being navy they go with everything in my wardrobe and being a wedge are super comfy. They're great quality and are originally from Dune. 

I didn't but anything new for the occasion, I worked with what I had and what made me feel the most comfortable, being sustainable and ethically conscious was a bonus!  I always work with what I have before buying something new unnecessarily.

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