This Weekend: Week 29

This weekend was a busy one! Lots of great food, drinks and family time up north. Both Adam and I had taken Friday off work to head up to Newcastle on Thursday night in preparation for his graduation on the Friday.


We had a cheeky Pizza Union before embarking on the 3.5 HR train up to the North East. It was so nice to step out of London, even if it was only for a few days. London is very consuming and you kind of get sucked into the bubble, it was nice to have a few days of fresh air.


Adams graduation was amazing. I am incredibly proud of him. We had some lovely family photographs at the ceremony and some not so nice photos at the family meal a few glasses, spirits and mixers in. Don't mix your drinks kids.

We really had a great time, I ended up stealing some of the Newcastle university balloons from the graduation tent and trekking them half way across Newcastle looking very dressed up but totally crazy! The boys played a prank on Danielle, claiming it was her birthday to the waitress without Danielle's knowledge, imagine her surprise and complete confusion when her desert came out with a sparkler and us all jumping on the joke bandwagon by singing happy birthday. It was too much.
We well and truly let our hair down.


Safe to say I wasn't feeling too chirpy Saturday morning! Adam's brother Martyn had signed us up to the Great British Tennis Weekend, so Adam, Danielle, Martyn and I slugged it down to the court for what turned into a very competitive morning of hitting and missing balls.

After all the burning off of the previous nights alcohol, we headed back for a big family lunch before Adam and I headed back to London. Family time is the best and the thing that Adam and I miss most now that we're back in the city.


Sunday started super chilled, with a semi lie in (is 9am a lie in?) before we headed out to the East End Thrift Store's £1 sale. It was probably the worst vintage store and vintage sale I've ever been to. It was all utter shit, uncared for, dirty and damaged. It wasn't vintage, it was clearly textile bales they'd bought in bulk full of American seconds, things charity shops couldn't sell. A complete waste of time.

So after the disappointment, Adam and I headed up brick lane for their Sunday markets, by this time it was nearing lunch and with all the food stands our tummies were starting to rumble.

Brick lane was super, super busy, bustling with more tourists than usual and was just a little too hectic. We couldn't get in the stores we wanted to go to, got trapped in the ones we didn't want to be in and it was all a bit stressful.

We then couldn't find our favorite halloumi wrap stall, I know, first world problems. So we were hungry, in a crowded place and ready to go home. So we headed back towards home, then found the halloumi stall! That perked us up a bit and filled our tummies then we headed home.

Sometimes you just have trips that are a bit blah, you win some, you loose some. But after such a fantastic time in Newcastle, we couldn't complain.

And that was our weekend! We really worked hard and played hard. Now for another week of work!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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