This Weekend: Week 30

This weekend was all about Musical Theatre, that's one of the major perks of living in London, the fantastic options of theatre, comedy and music. It was Adam's birthday weekend, so we had cake, went to see a musical and spent some time in Soho!


Friday night was Adams birthday, so I met him after work and surprised him with tickets to see Half a Sixpence. He's been wanting to go for a while and I got last minute tickets via Time Out on Wednesday night. The show was amazing, super feel good - especially the banjo playing!

I'd walked from the Studio in Aldgate to Leicester Square as we'd finished earlier than usual, so I treated myself to a cheeky bar of chocolate with Adam before the show and opted for a super late home made pasta, when we got home after the show. I made garlic and lemon spaghetti, it was delicious! 


After the late finish on Friday, we had a little lie in on Saturday, before running life errands; picking up parcels, banking and buying Tottenham cake slices in place of Birthday Cake. 

After returning home for an eggs on toast brunch, we headed into the city centre and headed to The Prince Of Wales theatre to enter The Book Of Mormon daily ticket lottery, there were about 20-30 other people entering the ballot. You basically put your name in a tombolla and if they call your name you can have front row tickets for £20, my name got called at the very end and they only had a single seat, so I let someone else take the ticket. It was good fun, even if we didn't end up getting the golden £20 tickets we wanted! 

So with some time on our hands before the next ticket lottery at 5pm we wandered up towards green park, browsing the shops and having a real thorough browse through the books in Waterstones. It's by far the nicest Waterstones in London, there's plenty of chairs for you to sit and read in as well as four wonderful floors of every book you could ever possibly want to read. I picked up a lovely little book '50 ways to wear denim' full of fantastic illustrations of denim as well as other fashion bits and pieces. Nowadays, now I'm no longer a student and don't have an excuse, I'm making a real effort to buy books from stores rather than online, it's a feel good feeling and if you think I'm crazy, why not try it for yourself? 

After book buying and browsing we stopped for coffee, we were originally heading towards Hyde Park and the Serpentine Pavilion, but the rain was coming down and Adam didn't have his camera, so we took a time out and ended up just chatting and chilling in a Cafe Nero over coffee for well over an hour. We talked about out jobs, our upcoming trip to New York, the future and our friends. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and chat. I live a very organised and regimented life, but still live the spontaneity of little simple moments like this. Adam really brings out the spontaneity in me. 

After finishing off my soya latte, we decided to buckle up and brace the rain, walking towards Carnaby, then  Soho, aiming for quieter areas in comparison to Oxford St. Browsing vintage stores, record shops as well as big name little stores such as toms, pretty green, superga and the este edit from Este Lauder. 

Whilst Adam was arm deep in vinyl, I had a browse in Paperchase for a few bits and pieces for a scrapbook project I'm working on, the paper chase in soho has pretty much everything and its spacious so you don't feel so clostrophibic like you can do in other stores. I picked up a few postcards for my moodboard and scrapbook, then met up with Adam again to head for dinner. 
We had a very very posh dinner of McDonald's, it was pissing it down with rain and being short on time before the next ballot, we gave in to their Red Leicester bites goodness. 

After our McDonald's pit stop, we headed back to the ballot as Adam muttered the famous last words 'no one will be there, the rain is really bad' how wrong he was, there were double, if not triple the amount of people there had of been for the matinee! Our names didn't get called, so we headed for home, only to then get stuck trying to get into charring cross station. There was a massive cycling event going through the city and TFL had closed some of the entrances and you also couldn't cross the road because of the cycle race, very poorly organised and communicated, I was really concerned conscious of crushing, especially as every wanker in London was out with an umbrella, why do so many people have 0 umbrella etiquette!? 


We'd already decided that Sunday was a chill day, and after a lie in and a curl up in bed with coffee and a good book, we'd decided to spend some time at home doing all those odd jobs you don't get to do during the week; washroom, ironing, hoovering, mopping and polishing etc...

It had been raining pretty hard the night before so I decided to go check on our balcony plants and to my horror the balcony drainage was blocked and there was soul swimming fucking everywhere. I've sort of taken control of the gardening in the little box area we have on our balcony and I've been meaning to get some stones to help with the drainage, before putting the soil on top, there's already a bit of soil in there with lavender planted on top, which was causing the swimming situation.

I know this is deffo a grown up problem 'ooo look at me I have a balcony' ... ' oh no! My soil is floating!' So I did that only thing I could do without any tools, I started to dig with my bare hands to release the water. After a failing attempt, I decided there was nothing for it, I would need a bucket and that gravel to bed the bottom of the flower beds.

Anyway, to shorten a very long, boring story, I dragged Adam out, with suitcase in toe, took a train to the nearest DIY store, bought some gravel and packed and dragged it in the suitcase to get it home, totally stupid, totally mental but it worked a treat, the drainage is now fine, the balcony isn't swimming and the soil is now sitting pretty in the bed ready to be planted - adulting success! 

After that grubby escapade, I washed myself up and chilled whilst watching Harry Potter for the rest of the evening. Adult life ey? 

It was a weekend of unplanned adventure. I'm really enjoying my weekends and spending time exploring and experiencing new things and it's even better that I've got a partner in crime to do it with!

Have a great week,

Clo :) 

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