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For our first full day in Berlin, Alice and I started off with food. When I'm away I always try to have something different, something I either couldn't get or couldn't make at home, so I opted for a veggie croissant with scrambled egg, brie and jam, a pleasant surprise, it was yummy. But the coffee was even better, it was a soya vanilla latte with a golden top that smelt like it had some spices and tumeric in, it was spectacular, I loved it. Nothing sets the pace better that a cracking cuppa coffee.  I also had a cookie slash brownie, because, you know, when abroad.

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As trend forecasters and retail, branding and marketing consults (That's what I do for a job) we're always looking for creative, engaging and inspiring ideas and exhibitions, so we headed to Bikini Berlin, which is kind of like a concept store shopping centre, full of both large and small brands. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, but it's always interesting discovering new shops, especially independents, I love independent retail stores. There was also a really interesting tech meets fashion exhibition on, so if you're in the area and have a spare half an hour, pop in and take a look!

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After Bikini we headed towards Panorama, a ladies and menswear trade show that is massive, it's probably the biggest one in the Berlin calendar, if not in Europe. It's vast, but thankfully there were three of us ready to concour it all! Alice and I took the U-ban to get there, the Berlin underground is so small in comparison to London's. It's spacious, about 10 steps underground and very much fuss free. What wasn't fuss free was crossing the road when we got out at the other side, eventually a local told us to take the underpass, after we'd been stood at the side of the road for about 10 minutes being proper tourists like 'How do we even cross this road!?'

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We eventually got there and met up with our third musketeer for the trip and off we went, in search of the latest and greatest thing. I loved the Menswear, everyone is so chilled in menswear, so it was  a pleasure and I even got given a free vegan ice cream as a sweetener. Excellent.

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After the show and about 20,000 steps later, we headed back to our apartment to drop off our clobber and freshen up for drinks and dinner. Fortunately we had lots of veggie recommendations, so figured out German Uber and headed towards a bustling street full of restaurants and bars. It was super hot, so obviously we had to cool down with a cocktail and a few hours later, after lots of laughing, we went to Shisho burger for what is the best burger I have ever had. It was amazing. The chips were incredible and if they had one in London, I'd be a regular and it it would no doubt have a detrimental effect on my bank balance. It was amazing.

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We then ended up in a random German themed bar with a garden and ended up in the middle of a dance floor with lots of swing dancers. I'm not too much of a dancer and I'm certainly not a swing dancer! The ducking and bobing around the flying feet and elbows was about all I could muster.  I was at this point very sleepy!

We had a great night, that didn't stop there, it went into the early hours, but what happens in Berlin stays in Berlin and so for that reason, I'll leave it there!

Look out for day 3 tomorrow!

Clo :)

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