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I really do love my job. There's a real work life balance, which applies to work abroad too. After a long day yesterday, we headed out to find some drinks before having a very well deserved dinner. Our long day turned into a very fun night exploring the city and having some down time, we ended up crashing pretty late; which led me to wake up on Thursday morning needing coffee and a serious lie in. I could get the coffee, but the lie in would have to wait as Berlin waits for no one, this is fashion week.

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We headed to our first stop of the day, Premium, taking an uber to look at the sights of Berlin on our way. On arrival, Coffee was top of the propriety list and a cheeky pain au chocolate later, we felt ready to take on the day.

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A magazine we've been working on at Work, View Two launched today so we were finally able to tell people about what we'd been working on, View Two is a trade textile and trend magazine and is available here. (If you're a fashion student, I'd highly recommend it!)

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After the excitement of the View Two Magazine publication date, we headed into the halls of Premium. Premium is a trade show showcasing collections for the next spring summer season. I love trade shows, I always have, meeting new people, discovering new products and brands and flexing the creative ideas with likeminded people, it's great. Whilst wandering around, I managed to find an outdoor area with some serious sunshine and a cute little pop up garden, a long way removed from my usual morning commute scenery!

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Premium covers mens, women: clothing, shoes and accessories as well as a little bit of lifestyle and beauty products. It's so exciting to see new colour palettes, silhouettes and brands emerging, but of course, I can't tell you what those are or what they look like now, this is after all, a work trip!

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After a very successful morning, we headed to our final call of the trip, Selvege Run denim show, a space purely dedicated to denim, Selvege features lots of asian denim brands (Asia is renown for it's denim) it's super interesting discovering the craftsmanship of denim and all the detail that goes beyond simply making a pair of jeans. There were also lots of handsome men as Selvege, imaging scadi meets hoxton hipster, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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After completing the shows, lunch was on the cards. I have a massive appetite normally, but throw a few extra thousand steps into a day and I can eat and eat and eat. I was however out of my depth with the portions of chips that we had for lunch. Between the three of us, we couldn't decide which ones to order, so we ordered wedges, fries and sweet potato chips alongside veggie hallumi burgers. Dreamy. So much food and with a flight to catch, we were in a hurry. The chips defeated me.

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We needn't have been in a hurry, although it did take an hour to get to the airport in one of Berlin's finest beige mobile taxi's. We boarded the plane, no issues, but as soon as we were seated we were informed we were would be delayed due to some airspace issue, then some london geezer decided to start a flight and had to be taken off the plane, we all then had to verify our bags for the flight to continue for safety reasons, causing totally necessary, but annoying delays. we all clapped when he was taken off the plane. What a bellend.

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It was an eventful trip and an eventful flight back to London. And although I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to berlin, nothing is quite as good as the feeling of your own comfy bed!

Speak to you soon,

Clo :)

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