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Last weekend, whilst my Dad was over, Adam my Dad and I were walking down a street near where we live, when we quite literally stumbled over a piece of furniture on the pavement outside a house, this is a pretty common accurate in London. People haven't got time to Gumtree or Ebay their old furniture, they simply stick it outside their house and someone comes along and takes it, much like the old days.

The cabinet was grey, industrial office looking, but in seemingly good condition, I jokingly said that if it was there in the way back we'd nab it, after all there was no way I was turning back home, it was already 2pm and we'd only just left the house, so much for a day out!

Hello Im Clo, London Lifestyle Blogger 03

Later that day...

When we were walking back to mine and Ad's, there it was again, untouched and still available. That was that, we were having it. It may seem scummy in a world of West Elm to take free furniture off the street but this unit was in fantastic condition and was up for grabs. Living in a house without furniture Is stressful and weird, and with pay day a fare bit away (adult life ey?) and the student loan no longer in my bank account, we can't afford to be too picky, we can however be thrifty, crafty and creative with both what we have, what we find and how we use it within the walls of our gorgeous new home.

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Ad took some convincing, he really did. I was that irritating woman in the middle of a south London street talking her boyfriend into something. My dad stood at the sidelines watching, refusing to chip into the persuasion and outright refused to pick up the other end of the cabinet after I asked him. As he puts it 'It's between you and Adam now.' He raised a good point.

Eventually, I reasoned with Adam that we needed a storage unit for stationary and art supplies, but equally needed something to act as a side table or tv stand in our bedroom, to make things look and feel more homely, uncluttered and tidy.

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Even Adam couldn't deny that free was a bargain, we did need the storage, the unit totally matched the colour scheme in our flat and he was sold when I said we didn't have to keep it forever, we could use it until our finances improve ( haha,lol London, good one. ) then send the cabinet back off to the curb to be picked up by someone else in need of a free piece of furniture. The circle of London life.

So we each grabbed an end and trapced it around half a mile up the road. We looked mental. Dad just stood laughing and taking pictures. We made it back to the flat, parked the new find out front to be anti bac-ed and washed before bringing it into the house. We managed to scrub it down and spruce it up before it started to rain and hauled it up our stairs to place it in its new home.

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A week or so later, we've polished and buffed it and really made it our own! Now even Adam claims
that he found the unit! We've placed some pictures on the unit, until we get around to drilling them into the wall. We've also placed some plants and pencils on tops. I can now easily find a pen or pencil without having to rummage through boxes!

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Inside the cabinet we've got spare bed linen, excess and spare toiletries and stationary. Underneath
houses my scrapbooking glue, paint and magazine clippings in brown card boxes that fit like they were made to live there. It really was a a great buy. Who'd have thought a cabinet from the curb would end up sitting pride of place, good as new in our bedroom ey!? 

Never look a gift horse in the mouth,

Clo :)

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