Homeware: How Not Spend A Million Pounds In Ikea

Hey all!

I love Ikea. I mean, who doesn't? And now I actually have my own flat I'm even more 'pro Ikea' the minimalist aesthetic, the matte finished and of course, the price have all got me sold.

The only downside to my ikea thirst is the fact that I live in Zone 2. To get to IKEA would take me an hour and a half and I'm pretty sure that during that time I'd kill my other half (Hi Addie!) in a car park in Croydon after taking a wrong turn thanks to google maps. Another crushing reality is that we don't have a car, so we would have to fork our for an uber or a van to get all those overgrown plants, veggie Swedish meatballs and undeniable homeware bargains back to base camp.

So with my Dad coming to stay next weekend we've roped him in to drive us to Ikea for those few final bits and bobs that will make our house our home.

So here are my tips for not spending a million pounds that you don't have, on stuff you don't need from Ikea and also how not to kill your other half in a car park in Croydon.

1. Make a plan

Adam and I spent Saturday morning walking round the flat with pen and paper in hand, sketching out and note taking how we wanted each room in our flat to look.

Me made the purpose of the room clear, discussed what our expectations of those rooms were and came to a middle ground of what we wanted the space to look like aesthetically. It was super helpful that we'd already been collating a couples 'house' board on Pinterest so we both were on the same page design wise. Result.

2. Make a list

After we'd figured out what we wanted and where, we listed what we needed to buy from Ikea for what room and what we'd need tool wise to actually get it on the walls so that we can actually bloody use whatever it is we're buying. Wise.

3. Prepare with action!

With a plan and a list we decided that it was now prime pre- Ikea time to move things into their 'final destination' so that when we come back from Ikea we can get things on the wall and focus organising the things we've bought rather than fiddle and faff about with existing furniture and belongings. Saving time and energy and that all too valuable family time that doesn't involve dragging my dad around Ikea Croydon.

As we moved those few bits of furniture, plants and belongings into the right rooms we cleaned, hoovered and dusted making life so much easier and not to mention nicer. There's no better feeling than a clean and tidy home.

So we've got the plan, we've made a list and we're all clean, tidy and clutter free for the new additions to our first home!

Doing it together saved arguments, confusion, time and potentially money and planning to go in the car eliminated us having a row in a car park (smart, I know) we're now set and ready to fill our boots with Swedish veggie balls later this week and to get some shelves on these bare walls!

I will update you guys soon with our progress, in the mean time, do you guys have any tips for surviving Ikea!? I'd love to hear them!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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