Homeware: New Plant Friends!

If you read my previous post 'How not to spend a million pound in Ikea' you'll know I'm currently on a homeware crusade in an effort to make my new house a home.  We've lived back in London for about two months now, unpacked all of our things but aren't yet 100% there with furniture or home furnishings.

So off to Ikea we went and £212 later, we came home with some much needed shelves, curtain poles, and plants amongst other boring, adulating / household essentials. Ahh, Adult life.

I'm a big fan of greenery, Adam (My boyfriend) isn't quite as keen. He's currently claiming that the flat is like a jungle, with plants and greenery among our books, bedsides and windowsills.

But when it comes to plants I'm very much less is not more. Plants were the first things put into the new flat when we moved. My dorm room at uni was adorned with plants, back home I had lots of green breathing life and fresh energy into my personal space.

I've outgrown my dorm room, my childhood bedroom and now have a two bed to make my own. Plants are a great, inexpensive way to breathe life into a room. Ideally I wanted some giant, large scale peace lilies, perhaps something which flowers or just has a zest of colour, but with budget constraints (OMFG I am so poor living in London!) I just went for a few small potted plants for the time being.

The first into the basket was an Aloe Vera plant. Adam doesn't currently have skin on his knee cap after a pretty rank football injury, so being the doting girlfriend that I am (And in an attempt to get him to be more pro-plant) I reasoned that this was an essential plant purchase for our new home. I've got a few friends who are super into DIY beauty so I'll probably give some DIY beauty bits and bobs a whirl.

I picked up two more leafy plants (Dracaena Marginal or Dragon Plants) to add to the collection for our bedside. These kind of remind me of palm trees. I've always had them around the house as I was growing up so these always give me a sense of being 'Home.' They're also impossible to kill. Bonus.

The final one into the basket (Or trolley by this point!) was a Fittonia Verschaffeltii with its detailed little leaves in deep green a lovely little plant for one of our bookshelves.

Once back at the flat I re-potted them immediately into some basic bitch Ikea plant pots, you know the silver ones and gave them a thorough water, especially in the piping hot bank holiday heat!  Now I've just got to give them homes on our shelves and ledges! 

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