Travel: New York's Big Bus Tour

For our trip to NYC Adam and I bought New York Passes ahead of time for 10 days of sightseeing in over 120 top NYC site seeing locations. For the first day of our New York Pass and second day in America, we took the Big Bus Tours Uptown, Midtown and Downtown tours of the city. It was a sweltering 29 degrees and it's fair to say we looked a little pink by the end of the day, having spent most of the time on the top of an open top double decker!

Thankfully, we checked the weather app before we headed out for the day, so donned shorts and stepped out into the city looking like pale Brits abroad. We stopped in Andrew's Coffee Shop for breakfast in midtown. I went to Andrew's with my Dad last time we were in town, the decor, food and atmosphere were still the same so it was a safe bet for breakfast in a city with too much choice. I went for a savoury omelette and Adam got his first stack of pancakes!

Heading further up to 42nd St to jump on our hop on hop off bus tour, we passed times square and the beacon of lights coming from the ad boards.

The bus tours were fantastic, I always book one, wherever I'm going. It's the easiest way to see all the highlights a city has to offer in one go, it's also great if you're short on time! Taking the uptown bus tour first we ventured up through mid town to the Upper West Side, through Harlem and The Upper East Side before heading back into the tourist hub of the city.

The architecture was super interesting, so many different shapes, sizes, designs and colours from different eras and different purposes, it was interesting how close new, futuristic looking buildings sat behind old, 1930's structures.

Something I saw on the tour that I wouldn't have without it was the above ground train section in Harlem, watching the trains come into the heart of the city was strange as you don't ever see any trains above ground in the heart of NYC!
After a pit stop and Birthday cake for me at Juniors, we stretched our legs a little before joining the downtown, then midtown tour.
I really enjoyed the tours, our Downtown tour guide was amazing. You really get the most out of the tour when you've got a super-duper tour guide. We saw the good and the not so great bits of the city, the fancy buildings and the back street graffiti. We also got lots of tips for the rest of our trip too from our guides on food, culture and must dos, which will hopefully come in handy for the rest of the trip!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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