Travel: Exploring Brooklyn, New York

We started our New York trip with a sleep in, after arriving late we decided to get some rest before starting our NYC exploring. As we've both been working recently, we haven't had time to sit down and plan our trip, so when we woke from our dreamy NY snooze, we decided to spend the day exploring Brooklyn and planning the rest of our trip...

It was about 27 degrees and set to rise, so jumpers were out of the questions, we're not in London now! We city-mappered to a highly recommended lunch spot, Sweet Chick and decided to walk the hour and a half walking distance to get some sense of location and discover the area around us.

Brooklyn is well known for its graffiti art, it's everywhere and it's good! It really is art, not like the scribbles on walls we all too often see. Graffiti was on the side of office buildings, workshops and even cars!

Our walk took us through run down neighbourhoods, shopping streets, industrial areas and the place of the moment, Williamsburg.  The shops are scattered in America, not like the shoulder to shoulder shops you see in the UK. I cam across a great little book store that I'd describe as 'Anti establishment' called Quimby's Bookstore NYC. It's a great little treasure trove of zines, poetry, LGBTQ, feminism, minority and anarchy books, posters and bits and bobs. One thing I've noticed on the streets of New York so far is that people are quite literally embracing and wearing their views. Bags, badges, t-shirts and tattoos telling the world what they stand for. I picked up an cool inclusivity sticker and a zine from Quimby's - first day of the trip and suitcase sticker momento sorted!

We then stopped for 'Veggie Chicken' at Sweet Chick (Thank god, it felt like we were melting in the heat) We had the chicken with mushroom and rosemary waffles that were super duper tasty!  I'm not really a veggie who likes things to look or taste like meat, so I couldn't finish all mine, but Adam was only too happy to help me out!

Continuing our Brooklyn exploration, we found Rough Trade! It was amazing, absolutely massive in an industrial posh shed! There were shipping containers made into a songs listening booth, a bar and they even had ping pong tables! We loved it, it was super cool. We even stopped for some Rough Trade NYC photos from the booth, they're awesome and will deffo be put on our fridge when we get home.

We spent the afternoon wandering through the streets, checking out the independent stores and brands and then retired for a beverage in a German watering hole, where we planned our trip over a Pilsner  beer. By the time we'd finished the weather had cooled a little so we headed north to the tip of Brooklyn, to look at the view of NYC. The view was amazing! We went down between the high rise flats and fancy architecture, down a pier to get the clear view of the city. It was well worth the walk.

It wasn't all swings and round about though, we got back to the apartment with a veggie pizza to discover the pizza was covered in jalapeƱos, I picked all mine off, only to have an allergic reaction to the residue, which resulted in me sat putting ice into my swollen mouth for an hour, then eating a bowl of cereal as my dinner - the drama was real!  So first New York lesson learnt - double check the pizza toppings!

Despite the drama I'm so glad we spent the day exploring locally and getting to grips with our surroundings, we're off into the city tomorrow to start using our New York passes and when we come home after exploring the city, we'll be ordering a plain cheese pizza!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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