Travel: New York's Sports & Screen Stars

So! Day three started off at Madison Square Garden, using our New York Passes for an access all areas behind the scenes tours of the massive sports and concert arena. It's such a great space, full of history. Our guide (Who i think was called Anthony) was great without being cheesy, showing us around the displays from key Madison Square Garden moments such as Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK and Hulk Hogan's outfit from his biggest fight.

The space is huge, and sits above a theatre. and the solid floor sits over the ice for the Ice Hockey. We're actually going next week to see Katy Perry on her Prism tour, so it was cool to find out more about the set up and the stadium. After going through the stands, suites and concourse, we went out back to the locker rooms before learning the chants for the home teams.

After finishing up the tour, we stepped through the food market, out to the seating area for Lunch. We'd already prepped a classic cheese sandwich for a picnic, but picked up a bagel, chips, coffee and a muffin from Lenwich to eat out in the sunshine. After lunch we spent 3 whole hours in Macys. Believe it or not, it wasn't actually for me! Adam had a good old shop around, spend forever in the levis department and needing assistance in the changing rooms with his denim turn ups, it's not just us girls that love to shop!

We then quite literally got lost in Macys, and after being helped out with directions by security, finally left the worlds biggest store. After three hours, enough was enough! Whilst we were in Macy's we found out we'd won CATS tickets on their daily ticket lottery, so we headed for an early dinner, going back to Andrew's Coffee Shop again. We had some tasty veggie delights before heading to 42nd St to Madame Tussauds.

Madame Tussauds was on our New York Pass so we didn't have to pay extra for it and thank goodness we didn't it was frankly, terrible. Adam and I always end up in a wax museum just for the lols, but this was sooooooo bad. It was half empty and people you'd expect to see in there weren't. There was no Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, George Clooney or Tom Hanks. Weird. I did however get to have my photo with the queen, who was probably the best lookalike, Ed Sheehan didn't come off so well.... E.T however was fabulous.

After a 'Tour' of the wax works, we headed further up to Cats at the Neil Simon theatre, where we experienced American theatre for the first time. People were getting up on the stage itself to take photos and clapped and talked during the show. It was very strange. But the show itself was amazing, the talent was incredible. The energy unreal, we were knackered just watching it!

It was another great day in the city that never sleeps but now I need a nap!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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