Travel: Off To New York City!

We've landed in NYC after a long haul, that's for sure. We started off in Newcastle after a weekend celebrating my birthday and spending time with Adam's family. We boarded a train bound for Edinburgh an hour later than scheduled and were delayed from the get-go. The train, the plane, the bus the other end, the subway and getting into the apartment too!

Packing light, with just the essentials we headed to the airport on Monday morning with just hand luggage and after a last minute change of transport to get to the airport from Edinburgh train station, we filled our boots with food before waiting around for a few hours until our plane finally arrived.  We hadn't got food on the way there due to our super cheap flights, but unbelievably, they didn't give you a drink at all throughout the whole flight! Unbelievable considering the delay, then the 7 hour flight!  (Not impressed, Norwegian Air)

When they served food, they accidentally gave us a veggie meal, it was pretty poor and I certainly wouldn't have paid an extra $25 for it! I've had a lot of aeroplane food in my time - this was deffo the worst! With no in flight entertainment, the flight wasn't great, however we did get to witness some amazing sights over Canada but overall we were just glad to arrive!

Once we had reached New York City and the Midtown, Times Square bus drop off point we were again, pretty hungry! So we headed for a pit stop for pizza and the American classic, mac and cheese. Before taking the subway to our apartment in Brooklyn.

We're both super excited for our two weeks in New York and I will be updating the blog as and when I can with our adventures, eats and discoveries!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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