Laser Hair Removal So Far!

I sit writing this post in the John Lewis 'Place to eat' in Grand Central, Birmingham. I'm home home where I grew up for the weekend. The purpose of the trip is to see friends and family and to also go to my Laser Hair Removal appointment at the SKIN clinic in Birmingham.

I decided to have laser hair removal after putting it off for quite literally years. I finally put my money where my mouth is earlier this year and put up £1500 (Yeah you read that right I didn't add an additional zero by mistake)  When the clinic were offering half price off courses of 8 treatments. I used the last of my student finance money from uni and got the rest on finance, paying around £120 a month for the next year. It's a lot of money and honestly, if I hadn't have signed up before moving back to London, I wouldn't be doing it. London is expensive  and a bit of a stretch for my straight out of uni salary and I simply wouldn't be able to afford the upfront cost if i was doing it now, but I've committed for the long haul and i desperately don't want to ever have to shave a single area of my body ever, ever again!

You might be wondering why I need it, I'm blonde with fair skin but a fair few years ago when I was a teenager I was on an acne drug called Roaccutane  or Accutane it did wonders for my skin, it totally changed my life for the better, but one of the side effects for me personally was excessive and thicker, darker hair growth. Sexy. I ummmed and arrred for ages about getting laser but now I'm finally doing it I'm glad I've committed to do it. It's really changing how I feel about myself, which is great.

I'm three sessions in and have a 6 to 7 week gap between sessions. It takes about 1-1.5 hours for my skin specialist to laser me and I'll openly admit that it is super painful (For me anyway!) I always pop a few ipruprofen before arrival (probably a placebo) and sit with my clothes off and tightly gripping a book to try and focus on something else other than the pain.

That all said, the results so far are good. After my first treatment I'd say my grow back was 20% less and certain areas of regrowth started to fall out on their own. No more weekly shaving for me I thought!  After my second treatment I had a longer gap between sessions due to going to New York, my work schedule etc, life just got in the way and I felt like I was shaving more often and the hair was growing back dark but it was still fluffy soft which is kind of an unusual sensation.  My wonderful hair removal lady said that it could just be excess growth from the folicals, what do i know? So now the hair isn't really growing back and when it does it's soft, patchy and falls out after a few days.

I suppose it's a strange thing to write about on the internet, but I struggled to find other women talking about their experiences of laser on the bloggersphere, so as ever this open book is ready to share.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Clo :)

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