London: The £3.50 Coffee Rant

I am a coffee drinker. I love a good cup of the black stuff and living in London I'm not short of places to get it.

The other day whilst out in Soho I was charged a whopping £3.50 for a 6oz coffee. I was furious.

I wanted a soya latte but being stereotypical soho, (can't believe I'm writing this, cringe) the coffee shop in question no longer provided soya, offering only oat milk instead and adding a surcharge for the privilege.


As I don't drink dairy, I didn't really have much of a choice, so I continued to wait for my LARGE latte. What arrived was not a large, my hands only just covered the cup and I have tiny, tiny hands. I was not impressed, I told the barista that I'd paid £3.50 large and then felt a sharp slap across the face as he told me it was £3.50 for a regular. Are you fucking kidding me!?

Now, I live in London, it's expensive. Life is expensive, I get it. Our rent is well over a grand a month, everything is at a price premium, hell its £21 to go to the cinema in Leicester Square but to be charged such an absolute monsterous amount by an independent store for a borderline espresso size coffee is beyond a joke and I'm now no longer going to pay for it. I've had enough! I love supporting independent businesses but I'm not going to be a mug. (Pun not intended but i'll go with it)

I get a bit of slack at work for being a chain coffee shop lover, but you get what you pay for. The cup I paid for had literally an espressos worth of coffee. I always try where I am to use independents as I believe it's important to support local businesses but this one took the piss.

It's true what people say, when you have a great experience with a brand you tell a few people, when you have a bad experience you tell everyone.

Is it just me?

Clo :)

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