Travel: Brooklyn Museums & Botanical Gardens, New York

In an effort to see more of Brooklyn, we grouped the Brooklyn New York Pass stuff together to do in one day. Other than that I was manly interested to see how busy areas were in comparison to Manhattan! Aiming for a chilled day, in a quieter area and perhaps see another side of New York City, we had a long lie in before heading uptown to Brooklyn at around lunchtime for a visit to the New York Transit Museum.

Starting at the New York Transit Museum, we wandered through years of transit history from the designing and building of the subway to the modern running of the massive New York transport system and exhibitions on how the MTA respond  (NYC's transport system) to crisis events such as 9/11 and hurricanes.

It's such a cool little museum, based in an old underground station, this was probably my favourite museum as it just focused on one thing, it wasn't massive and I felt like I had time to read all the information without being in a crush of tourists! Not only that, at the back there were busses and subway carts for you to sit in and fiddle with the buttons!

We clearly had a great time, posing up a storm for the camera!

Having worked up an appetite, we found a Shake Shake down the road and ordered their Veggie burger, the 'Shroom. A big mushroom covered in cheese and garlic sauce then deep fried and served with lettuce and tomato in a soft and delicious brioche bun and we picked up a side of crinkle fries to share. Who said romance was dead?

It was just the ticket, Shake Shake is a massive thing over in NYC and all the SS's in Manhattan have always been full whenever we went passed, I'm glad we can tick this popular food spot off our list!

Having filled our bellies, we headed to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens where we wandered through their gorgeous gardens and pathways that were just on the cusp of changing with the season, despite it being 30 degrees in heat! It was so nice to see locals enjoying the gardens with books and newspapers and little ones exploring the colours from the flowers in the garden, such a lovely, wide open space.

After a lap around the gardens and a visit to the cafe for a chocolate chip cookie, we went next door to the Brooklyn Museum. I was supposed by the inside of the building. I expected it to be a period look, but the inside of the building is fresh and modern, full of light and wide open spaces.

We went to the Infinite Blue exhibition, a showcase of blue tones and hues through art, design and ceramics. We wandered through the ground floor exhibition before heading up to the other floors of art and design.

Once we'd finished at the museum, we headed back to the flat for an early night, picking up a pizza on the way for another night of Netflix and chill. We are on holiday, after all!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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