Travel: History Museum, Biking & Katy Perry Concert, New York

Today was such a busy day!  We started off at The Natural History Museum, then hired bikes to explore Central park, then finished the day off at the Katy Perry concert at Maddison Square Garden!

We took the subway uptown, to 81st St to get to the museum, The Natural History Museum was on Adam's 'To Do' list from day 1, and we'd luckily picked a super hot day to spend in the museum's air conditioning!

The museum is massive! It houses so many floors, rooms and exhibitions and there also seems to be a million shops that you walk through. We saw exhibitions on African and Asian animals in their natural habitats and lots about dinosaurs. The dinosaurs bit was definitely a highlight, and If you don't have time for the whole museum, we'd highly recommend heading straight for the Dino bits!

After a fair few km walking around the museum, we decided to walk downtown from the upper east side, stopping at the corner of Central Park to pick up a whole foods picnic lunch with a comfort bowl of mac and cheese. Mac and cheese over here is next level.

We then used our New York Pass again to hire two bikes for three hours to ride around Central Park. We took the main cycling route, doing a full lap of the park and pit stopping at monuments and great views to snap snap some pictures, here I am with the legend, Alexander Hamilton (Any Hamilton fans reading?)
We'd picked a great day for cycling around the green scape. Despite having been there before this time, I saw more of the park (The wheels probably helped) it took us about an hour and 45 mins to do a slow, chilled, non competitive lap of the park with pit stops for sit downs and drinks.

After wheeling the bikes back we went for a cheeky Martini before walking down to MSG for the Katy Perry concert. Adam had bought me tickets for my birthday but surprised me whilst we were out here! Katy's support act was Noah Cyrus who kicked off the evening.

The Witness tour was absolutely amazing, I loved it! Here are just a few pictures as I don't want to spoil it if any of you guys are off to the show, if you are, you're in for a treat! I sung my little heart out and danced like a maniac alongside kids that weren't even born when her first album came out. I was such a little fan girl.
The whole show was amazing, I didn't want it to end, she played all her hits, the new album and had the most incredible sets! I was in need of a good nap after all the dancing and singing though and with the huge crowds exiting Madison Square Garden at the end of the night, we decided to head back to the flat.

Such a busy day doing so many different things!

Tomorrow is another adventure.

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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