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Another day of  jam packed sightseeing! We started the day in midtown for some food fuel before heading to the upper east side to kick start our day of design and culture seeing what the museum mile had to offer...

Thank goodness we were doing lots of walking after the mammoth breakfast/ brunch/ lunch we started the day with. We ate at Andrew's cafe again and ended up ordering the three course special. It was massive, so much food. After eating all that we were set for the day!

We started at Cooper Hewitt, which was my favourite museum, compact and curated. It was super interesting, focusing on design and the art of design.  Over 4, totally manageable floors of art and design with this cool interactive pen and tech element. When you arrive you're given a pen, when you see an interesting artefact, you place your pen on the product info and it auto saves it to an online portal for you to view when you get back home. pretty neat! I wish they had this at all museums, it would have made my undergrad so much easier!

The textures, colours and use of space was so refreshing and reminded me a lot of independent galleries in London.  Just look at these textures and colour combinations!

Another aspect to the tech pen was the element of creation, there were interactive stations where you could draw, edit and collate products on your own screen and save them via your pen to look at online. I made a building out of 'Clo' and sketched hats out of metal. Who said museums were dull and boring?

After a pit stop in the sunshine, we went onto the next museum on the museum mile, The Guggenheim. It was partly closed due to the next exhibition being installed, but it was on our New York Pass, so we went on in anyway. From my perspective, the most interesting thing about the Guggenheim is the building itself, in terms of exterior and interior.

We didn't stay long at The Guggenheim as there wasn't actually that much to see, so we grabbed a Starbucks at the poshest start bucks I've ever seen (They had a bar and a tasting lounge, ooooh)  and took our take out to the Met steps. Classic gossip girl moment. The sun was out and there were plenty of chairs and tables to sit and enjoy lunch outside, it was lovely.

Inside the met was lovely too! I've been before (Hi 2014!) and spent most of the day there with my Dad checking out the art, sculpture and ceramic design. Adam hasn't been to New York before, so it was his first time. Adam is a big fan of Richard Ayoade (Legend) and watched his show Travelman: 48hrs in NYC before coming to New York, in the show (Would highly recommend it it's hilarious!)  Richard Ayoade does the Met quick time, so following his lead, we followed the dotted line on the Met map to see the whole thing, without it taking up the whole day.

From ancient Rome, Egypt, Asia and beyond. We saw sculpture, posters, paintings and ceramics. Our favourite was definitely the modern art section, especially the collage and block colour graphic paintings - well worth veering off the map for! It's a big place, that you really could get lost in and spend all day exploring!

After the Met we had a few hours to spare before heading to Broadway. We wandered through Central Park, saw Alice in Wonderland and perched by the lake for a while, soaking up the sunshine (It's super warm in NYC right now!)

Dear Evan Hansen was our show of the evening, we won tickets in the daily online lottery (No, we couldn't believe it either!) and paid $40 dollars to sit front row. Normal tickets (Sold out until mid 2018) are about $199 so we felt very lucky to be going!

The show is incredible. It's next level. It's funny and sad and heartbreaking all at once. I didn't know the story line and neither did Adam, which was rather unfortunate and I wish I'd known before we went.

It's about a suicide, so I cried the whole way through the first half and most of the second. As someone who's been personally effected by suicide It was a lot to take in and I had to take a time out at the interval and have a little sob in the street. But the show was beautiful, so funny (The two don't usually go together, trust me) and opened up so many topics that never get talked about. Go and see it if you get the chance, but read the synopsis first and pack tissues. It's a crier.

Feeling rather fragile after Dear Evan Hansen we went for Thai food down Hells Kitchen, where they served veggie soup with chicken in it. My night was not going well! As a pure vegetarian I had a breakdown that chicken had been put in my soup, then they had the audacity to circle the tip they wanted on the receipt - I think not!

It was a busy day, another great day in NYC, an emotional one too. Here's to a better tomorrow!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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