Travel: New York Library, Empire State & Monster Burgers

Starting nice and early, we headed into Manhattan for a day of Mid Town sightseeing. Wandering through Bryant Park towards the New York Library, we stopped to admire the gorgeous flowers in the park, the fountain and the couple having their wedding photographs taken!

I love libraries, always have and my love of books finds me in a library everywhere I tend to go! The New York public library has been used in films (Notably Carrie Bradshaw's wedding) and the architecture is beautiful. Adam and I toured the libraries reading halls, public spaces and atrium before pausing on the outside steps. It's free to go in and I'd highly recommend taking a peek!
Next up on our sight seeing in New York list was Grand Central Station! I've been before with my Dad, but never did the audio tour, Adam and I used our New York Pass for the pit stop audio tour, guiding us through the facts and history of the Terminal.  
By this point we were pretty hungry so we walked for over an hour trying to find something veggie! Eventually we found a Mexican, but i didn't fancy it inside, I told the server that I actually didn't fancy anything other than pancakes! He then directed us to Ihop (What a legend!) we had a fair bit of a wait and the toilets were the worst thing I've ever laid eyes on, but the food was goooooood!

After Ihop we used our New York pass on The Museum Of Sex which was super weird, arty and damn right uncomfortable (Films of animals having sex made us very uncomfortable!)
After the disappointment of the museum, we went up the Empire State Building to see the skyline, we'd just got to the top and taken a few snaps before Adam's camera died! Such bad timing! Luckily my camera was good enough to get some clear shots of the city that never sleeps. We spend about half an hour at the top, my top tip though is to take a jacket, I was shivering in my little T-shirt, it gets a lot colder nearer the top! We only went to the 86th floor, but it was high and cold enough!

After the Empire State we boarded 'THE RIDE' a comedy and live show in a bus with a glass side, allowing your to traverse the streets of NYC whilst being thoroughly entertained! We waved at passers by, laughed a lot and took in the city at night! It was fab, if you're in the city it's a must do!
We had dinner at about 10pm at Counter. We made our own by ticking the menu options. Our burgers had everything, so much so that the bun didn't sit on top! It was delicious! So good. It's all Adam's talked about since!
It was a full on day, I think we'll need to kick back and relax tomorrow!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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