3 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is only 4 weeks away, doesn't time fly? This year we're heading back up North to Newcastle to celebrate the holidays with Adam's family. I'm so looking forward to the break, the festivities and of course, the food!

When we got back from New York in October I started making lists of what I was going to get people for Christmas, what we were going to bake, craft and create. My plan was to be organised, think out side the box and be prepared way ahead of time. Safe to say my plan hasn't planned out too well! Christmas is so close and I have family and friends staying every weekend up to Christmas, I'm super busy at work and Adam is in a play on top of his day job. Everything is happening all at once and we're running out of time to do everything we want  to do before the big day.

So over a cup of tea I sat down and wrote down what was the most important things for me this Christmas, the things that I'd enjoy doing or creating that will bring me the best Christmas spirit, so here they are...


With friends and family coming to stay, It being our first Christmas time in the new flat and feeling in full festive swing, I want the house to be decorated for when our guests arrive. Working in a creative industry I really feel the decorating pressure and have turned to pinterest for some serious guidance!

I haven't yet decided on a theme, I do know though that I want to get a real tree for environmental reasons, figuring out where to buy it and how to get it home on the bus or tube will be another hurdle!

Traditional Stockings

I can't wait to make Christmas cards, wrap gifts and create Christmas stockings. I'm going traditional this year, some fruit, perhaps something else sweet and a little gift. As a kid I always did my stocking first thing in the morning, it has always symbolised the start of Christmas day for me, so I'm excited to create that enjoyment for others on Christmas morning.


Being vegetarian, Christmas for me is all about the veggies. The more the merrier! I've actually been flicking through some of my cook books for festive recipes for the holidays, spicing up veg and trying different flavours for something extra special. I'll let you know what I decide to go for in the end. Festive food and drink is at the forefront of my mind and has been for a while, I've been buying Christmas treats once a week in the weekly shop so we'll be fully stocked for the season.

I can't wait for Christmas eve, when Adam makes his traditional mince pies for Santa! Nothing beats that warm festive feeling of Christmas eve.

It's safe to say I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. Friends, family and food, what a wonderfully combination.

Clo :)

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