Christmas Shopping

It's become something of a tradition for Adam and I to head to central London a few days before Christmas for a last look at the city in its Christmas spirits before heading home for the holidays. This year we both took the day off work and made our way over to Oxford Street just in time for the stores to open. The early bird catches the worm and all that! Armed with a list of the stores we needed to visit, the things we wanted to buy and and the little Christmasssy pit stops along the way to stare at trees or lights.

We hadn't got too many gifts left to buy, so we took our time, strolling down Oxford Street, onto Carnaby St and through to Soho. We stopped for a festive hot chocolate before heading into the Christmas haven that is Libertys where we picked up a few more family gifts. Liberty is a treasure trove, no matter the time of the year, but their 4th floor Christmas section is a delight, it was just a shame that we were too late to the Christmas party this year, most of the Christmas stuff had been sold!

We left the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping hub at around 1, just when it was starting to get super busy but we managed to get some edible festive treats before heading back onto Regents St, then on to home sweet home. The traffic was super slow so we decided to wander over to the tube station, walking down the Haymarket, cutting through to a full and festive Trafalgar Square before being by Charring Cross / Covent Garden. London is so lovely at Christmas, It's like looking at London in a new light, it's wonderful.

Once home we popped our feet up, got something hot on the go in the Kitchen and fired up Home Alone on the telly. It couldn't have been a more festive day!

Here's to next year!

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