Fashion Photoshoot Mood Boarding

I've been mood boarding for most of the day at work, creating and developing front cover and editorial photoshoot concepts for a magazine. I've worked online, offline, with fabrics, colour charts, blue tac and tape to create boards that represent my ideas. It's been one of those days where Ideas have simply flown and slotted into place to create a body of work that I'm really proud of.

Considering I've been mood boarding for longer than I've been blogging, It seems like I should probably share my work more on here, I am a fashion creative after all.

Nothing makes me happier than mood boarding. I've always loves gluing and sticking, just like you do as a child, and as I've grown up I've never grown out of it. When I was about 7 it was all about collecting postcards from the places I'd go on trips to or visit on holidays, then when I became a teenager my interests changed, it became all about fashion and that's not changed since. The interest continued, I went to study Fashion Management & Marketing at Uni, ending up with a job in fashion forecasting and concept development.

If you'd have told me back then that mood boarding and scrapbooking would one day become part of my job, I'd have thought you were having a laugh! But it's true, mood boarding concepts, developing visual ideas is all in a days work and thankfully I still love it despite it being part of my day job. It's true what they say, If you have a job doing what you love it doesn't feel like a job at all.

Back in Uni I used to be the odd ball turning up at a marketing crit (Discussion on how your project was going so far) with a moodboard and nothing else, I used to talk my way through my ideas when everyone else had written notes and charts. I've always been a visual person and I'm glad that I've never shied away from it, even when everyone else was doing something different. My uni friends still laugh about it now, how no one ever questioned me rocking up with a massive piece of foam board and a few random images taped down. I like to think my work now is a little more sophisticated and with a few more notes!

Unfortunately I can't show you right now what I'm working on, but I'll be sure to share once I can. I'm going to start sharing some of my personal work on here though, perhaps some trend collages or some homeware inspo.

So keep your eyes peeled!

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