Inner City Composting


A bit of a random blog post from me today. - It's all about inner city composting, sexy, yeah?

Since Adam and I moved into our first flat together in London this year I've been getting more and more into gardening, planting and growing things. We've got a lovely little balcony, with troughs full of primroses, pansies, herbs and wheatgrass (That is actually growing too well, but that's another story.)

I'm very environmentally conscious and am really trying to limit the amount of plastic and non renewable / non recyclable things I buy. Back home my dad recycles everything, including his veg and fruit peels. He has a massive composter in the back garden and I like the idea of being able to compost my food waste and re-use it in planter soils to grow more food for our meals.

So I've been getting creative! Using a 125litre bag of spare soil I have on my balcony that's left over from planting my flowers, I've been adding our food scraps to it so it can decompose, making fresh compost for next summers growing soil. Everyday I add our veggie food scraps to an old mushroom container in the box at the bottom of our fridge and at the end of the week add them to the pile, then turn over the soil and wrap up away from the elements for another week of composting.

Granted, it's not the prettiest solution but it's eco friendly, budget friendly and is a great way of fertilising soil. Perhaps when I have some spare cash I'll upgrade to a fancy stainless steel bin.

I know it can be hard to garden, grow your own veggies or get green when you're inner city or like me, don't live on the ground floor or have a garden but it can be done!

Here's what the composter currently looks like, we throw pretty much all our food waste (We don't have much of it) into the bag, including the used coffee grounds from our filter - it's the way forward and it means I don't have to carry out the bins!  Result!

If you're looking to create your own compost, this is a simple and easy way. I'll keep you all updated with my inner city gardening when spring comes around! I hope you enjoyed this little inner city composting guide, I know it's a little different from my usual content, but thought it might be helpful for my fellow flat-livers!

Clo :)

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