My 2017

This year has been crazy. So many things have happened, new experiences, new challenges a bit of travel and lots and lots of crazy life changes.

I graduated from university, got a first and got a new job off the shop floor, doing something I've never done before. Thank god I love it.

I moved back to London with Adam after two years being long distance. I've learnt so much more about myself by living with him. It turns out I'm a bit of a home control freak, have a love of cleaning and am very house proud. Whilst I love our little slice of life, it's been one of the most expensive things I've ever done. Living in London is pricey and having your own flat is super mega bucks. Add onto of that council tax, utilities and day to day living, life gets expensive and it's all a stretch on a graduate salary. Yes, I'm living a great London life, but it comes at great financial cost. Que selling everything on eBay.

Going forward I'm going to be more honest about the price of life, especially when social media can seem so perfect. Everything has a price and it's something us Brits are always really nervous talking about, I'm going to break my own barriers and hopefully re-assure many other graduates and London dwellers that we're in the same boat!

Paris, Berlin and New York called this year as did Newcastle and Edinburgh. I spent a lot more time on home ground this year, exploring my own surroundings, spending time with my family and extended family, which was super heart warming. New York was a fantastic trip with Adam, we spent our final student finance payments on the trip as a final hurrah and I'm so glad we did. It was fantastic. We saw Katy Perry in Concert, caught Dear Evan Hansen, and managed to snag Hamilton tickets for our New Year blow out back in London.

I've learnt so much about myself this year. I've become much more emotional, comfortable in my own skin and have finally accepted that I will forever live in Converse and comfy trainers, Levis and a jumper. Life is too short to deny what you love.

It's been a hard year, with a lot going on. I'm hoping 2018 will be a little bit more smooth sailing! The year ahead hopefully holds more travel, lots of cooking and more blogging! Whilst I'm not really one for resolutions I'd like to get outside a little bit more, live a more sustainable life and start my own little veg patch on my balcony.

For tonight though, we're spending it at home, cooking up a veggie storm with our friends and ringing in the new year with wine and boardgames, 2017 really is the year I stepped up to all round adult status.

I hope you have a fantastic New Years Eve and New Year, whatever you're doing and I'll see you in 2018! 

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