Hey 2018!

2018 had a funny start. We hosted a few friends for a New Years Party round at ours and toasted at 12 with some champagne we'd received as a gift and had been saving for a special occasion, only problem was it was off! Gross.

After celebrating the New Year with a different bottle, we headed to bed in the early hours. About an hour later there was a massive flash of different coloured lights outside our window, in a worse for wear state we didn't do anything about it. It's only when I went onto the balcony this morning I discovered it was actually a firework that had got trapped - that could have gone oh so wrong!

My OOTD - Hoodie : Champion - Jeans: Levi's - Trainers: Converse

After a long lie in, we managed to get up, eat left over pizza and ply ourselves with enough tea to fuel a walk around the local park. Fresh air makes everything better.  I took my point and shoot camera out with me as I'm trying to photograph more of my day to day life as well as honing a new skill and prepping for London Men's Collections next weekend!

I like to take pictures of all sorts but especially graffiti. I love the juxtaposition, colours and shapes.

After heading home Adam and I had a lazy afternoon taking down the Christmas tree, watching the Crown season 2 and making a delicious parsnip soup with our new food processor. A real veggie delight!

After stuffing our faces with left over homemade party food we settled in to watch the Great British Bake off with a box of trick or treat style chocolates. An 'I'm A Celeb' style game of spin the wheel, with some chocolates sweet and others sour!

I've really enjoyed the holiday period and the downtime back in London between Christmas and New Year. Eating the good stuff, going on winter walks and having lazy days on the sofa. It's been the best.

Now it's time to go back to work! 

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