Zero Waste Veg Shopping

Over the course of January I've realised that I've subconsciously made a pretty big new years resolution. I've been aiming to cut out plastic. For a while now I've been thinking about how much unnecessary plastic we have in our lives. From the food we eat to the things we buys, in 2018 there's just no need for it. Zero waste is a growing movement and there are so many fantastic alternatives to discover so I'm taking streps to live more environmentally consciously, reduce waste and to shop smartly.

One key area for me is food plastic waste. From coffee cups to cellophane, I want to quite literally cut that shit out. With a few zero waste, refill and health food options in London I'm sure I'm going to be able to explore those options over the coming months, but for the time being, with a fully stocked pantry cupboard, I'm focusing on the fresh stuff.

Buying local, supporting local traders and buying close to home is something I'm very much for, so I've turned to my local markets for a dose of healthy fruits and veggies. Being a vegetarian I can get the bulk of my meal ingredients at my local market.

Depending on my week I'll either go to Whitechapel market at lunchtimes or a local market closer to where I live at the weekend. I've found so far that some markets are more plastic free than others, so I tend to buy my veggie out of bowls to avoid the plastic and pop them straight into my bag for life, I'm not about that carrier bag life.

So last weekend I went on a veggie zero waste mission to pick up what I needed from my local market, bags for life at the ready I picked up enough to fill my fridge for £10. No waste and all fresh produce. This is what I got:

5 garlic
3 brocoli
About 3kg of carrots
15 bananas
Bowl of tomatoes
3 courgettes
8 Peppers
1 small bowl of mushrooms
2kg of potatoes
1kg sweet potato

Mushrooms are like gold dust at my local market so I was quick to snap the only bowl available up for risottos and pastas. I'm going to roast the carrots and potatoes for Sunday lunch vibes and use tomatoes for fresh sauces, salsa and a chilli. Broccoli cheese is on the menu, garlic goes in everything and once we're sick of bananas for breakfast I'm going to turn the rest into a vegan chocolate ice cream! This little lot of loot should last us about 2 weeks.

It feels really good buying local, package free and reusing all the peels and cut offs for compost. I thought it would be really hard to be environmentally conscious in London and whilst it does take a bit of planning, the pay off is well worth it!

Not bad for a beginner: Zero waste - No Plastic - Composting the peels

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