What I Read In January

Christmas and New Year made me fall back in love with reading. I was a massive reader as a kid and whilst at uni but last year gobbled up my free time. The down time over the holiday period allowed me to get back into the swing of having a good book on the go.

I'm now making the most of my commute to and from work by burying my head in a book. I find I'm much more chilled when I read, it makes the commute less stressful and separates work from home nicely. It's nice to be relaxed by the time I'm home. It's the small things.

This is what I read in January!

Goodbye, Thing - Fumio Sasaki

I got this for Christmas off my book wish list. I've been really interested in minimalism for a while and have mostly followed fashion minimalist, so this was my first look into home minimalism and honestly, it's a game changer. I loved this book. The concepts are out there, I'll admit but it's really re-alligned my thinking. We have so much in the modern, western world that we just don't need. I drove my boyfriend crazy after reading this book and making a plan of action to declutter and minimise our lives for the better. I'm not going to go as far as Fumio and just have four shirts but I feel so much better with my more minimal, more me space at home. An eyeopening, reflective read, perfect for the overcrowded, social centric world we live in!

Why Fashion Matters - Frances Corner

Bite sized, thought provoking info, history and quotes on the fashion industry written by the head of London College Of Fashion, Frances Corner. It's insightful, easy to read and ideal on the commute to dip in and out of. It was a great way to start my working day and reinforced how small changes in the fashion industry can change the supply chain, which can effect the world. A must for any fashion student!

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying - Marie Kondo

There's no better time of year to read 'The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying' I kicked started the year by decluttering, sorting and re-assessing what I did and did not need in my house and my life. It took me a good 60 pages to get over the fact that I was reading about tidying up, written by a woman who tidies for a living, but finally I got into the flow and actually enjoyed it in the end! It's great if you're into your home interiors, need a wardrobe refresh or are about to move house.

Style Forever - Alyson Walsh 

Alyson was actually one of my uni lecturers and has been a blogger long before blogging was a thing.  She's written two books, this is the first one. I'd describe this book as the perfect book for people interesting in style and fashion. Alyson has some great references, interviews and bits of knowledge to share. I really enjoyed it and it's also really funny, honest and down to earth!

Rivers Of London - Ben Aaronovitch

I'm not really a fiction reader, but I read the second book in this series first by accident last year so I thought I better read the first one! I wish I'd have read them in order now!  It took me a while to get into it, but once I was in, I was in. It's full of mystery, twists and turns and magic - which is always a bonus.

January was a very reading heavy month! But such a rewarding thing to make time for. I managed to sort out permanent book storage in the flat this month which I think helped me keep reading book after book as I could see all my books in one place. Perhaps I'll pop up a post about our colour co-ordinated statement bookshelf - how we did it and where it's from sometime soon!

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