Universal Motherhood

'Universal Motherhood' a journey through the lottery of birth is a multi sensory free exhibition, just off Oxford Street at Noho studios that you just can't miss. It's immersive, moving and a must see for the western world.

Starting upstairs with a pair of headphones on, you explore the feeling of motherhood, the anticipation of birth and the many diverse circumstances women find themselves in in the run up to having a baby.

The exhibition follows five expectant mothers from around the world from pre, during and post birth to document their lives before baby, their baby's birth and their new baby in the weeks after birth including the sometimes harsh reality of motherhood throughout the world.

Through voice, photography and moving image this exhibition invites you into each woman's individual world to tell you their story. You can't help but feel incredibly connected and protective of these women throughout their latter stage of pregnancy, into the birthing process.

As someone who was born in a hospital I was almost compelled to shout at the screen - Where is the doctor? Get this woman to a hospital! and cry when a baby is born, not breathing.

Put together by Save The Children and photographed by five female photographers: Sian Davey, Bieke Depoorter, Diana Moarkosian, Carlota Guerrero and Dana Popa for the Exhibition's International Women's Day launch, the exhibition reminds all of us that women are incredibly mentally and physically powerful, but also that we still have a long way to go in terms of equality of medication, attention and care.

It's a real journey of an exhibition, It took me just under an hour to go the whole way around, but it was an incredibly thought provoking exhibition and I urge anyone who can go to go, It's only on for a few more days (Finishes 18th March) - so get on down!

To find out more info on the exhibition visit the Save The Children website. If you're not located in London but would still like to see more of the exhibition, you can discover more of the Universal Motherhood stories here.

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