Winnie The Pooh Exhibition

The Winnie The Pooh exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum is on for a few more weeks and I've got to say, it is a lot of fun. I headed over to South Kensington on Friday night to take a look behind the honey pot.

It's fun, engaging and great for kids, with lots to see and do! Whilst you slalom around the exhibition of original scripts, sketches and inspirations for everyone's favourite honey loving bear, information pours from installations above, book pages are turned into wallpaper and colour pops all over the place. From Pooh's starting point in the UK to his adventures as an export abroad there's some pretty cool stuff to look at.

My favourites are the sketches of the trees that inspired the hundred acre wood and a little tea set gifted to Her Majesty The Queen who has loaned the set to the exhibition. Latin Winnie The Pooh deserves a shout out and I'm pretty sure if I'd have had to learn Latin through translated Winnie The Pooh I'd have been much better at Latin at school!

Pooh-bears journey across Asia, America and beyond are told through cool memorabilia from toys and games to books, clothing and interiors. I never knew how much that bear had travelled!

The exhibition is on for a few more weeks and for non members must be booked ahead to guarantee entry. I went on a Friday night and it was fully booked! - I couldn't believe how busy it was! Take your kids or simply take yourself and be prepared to see the secrets behind the bear and leave full of childhood nostalgia and memories!

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