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About Me

Hello I’m Clo started back in 2012 by me, Chloe Tomalin as my online creative outlet. Hello I’m Clo has developed into a London based culture, lifestyle and fashion blog.  Here I document my life, travels and creative endeavours.

During the week I work in fashion forecasting and on the weekend snap street style, mood board and craft. I also love cooking up a vegetarian storm, travelling abroad and escaping the London rat race with my boyfriend, Adam back to the beautiful British countryside for walks and warm country pubs.


All content on this blog was created by me (Chloe Tomalin) for the Hello I’m Clo blog. Please do not use any of my content or images without seeking my written permission (Contact me here.)


All advertising on this blog is indicated at the bottom of each post like this: *This is a sponsored post. In the case of YouTube advertisements, stated within the video title and the first line of the description box.

Press samples are labeled **
Items bought with store credit or gifted from a brand are labeled ***

My Views

All views expressed within this blog are my own and not those of the people or brands that I work with. I do not represent any of the brands mentioned within my content unless explicitly specified. 

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