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Work With Me

I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years and in that time I’ve learnt a fair few things about events, gifting and sponsored content. I work in fashion and have friends in PR so I always try to be accommodating wherever possible, after all I work on both sides.

I do enjoy attending project previews, shows and events and am happy to be included in PR mail shots, where appropriate. I except gifts and samples, however am not obligated to mention them on my blog or social media. When samples and gifts are mentioned on my blog or social media they feature ** next to them to indicate that I did not purchase them. 

From time to time I do sponsored blog posts, which will be highlighted as sponsored. I am not a full time blogger but the money from a sponsored blog post goes towards the hosting and equipment needed to run this blog. I am very picky about the brands I work with and will only collaborate with those relevant to my readership and who I share ethical and sustainable values with. For sponsored content I require two weeks lead time. 

Before getting in touch. 

Time is precious and we could all do with a little more of it in our day to day lives, therefore, I ask you quickly read through these bullet points before contacting me:

  • Please note that I do not provide links or back links for free or in exchange for products.
  • I do not create sponsored content for free. 
  • I don’t reply to mass emails sent out to bloggers unaddressed.
  • I am not currently looking to be part of any advertising or PPC schemes.

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